четверг, мая 22, 2014

Errors while installing apps with MacPorts

Recently I had several errors installing applications with macports. I tried to install Midnight Commander and got an error saying:
for port gdbm returned: command execution failed
After spending some time on that I found that it's a common problem with MacPorts on latest Mac operating systems. The reason for that is just MacPorts is dependent on gnutar tool. And probably you don't have one in your system (just type which gnutar to find out).

So, what to do? It's easy, you should have tar, I guess. Just copy that file under gnutar filename and that's it.
sudo cp /usr/bin/tar /usr/bin/gnutar
Later you can update your copied gnutar with original one:
sudo port install gnutar
It took me an hour to realise what's going on. Good luck!

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